Happy african american parents and kids playing in boxes moving out of Houston

Tips For Moving Out Of State From Houston

Are you moving out of state from Houston, Texas, and unsure how to go about it? Moving out of one house and into another one is already a stressful process. But if you’re talking about moving out of state while also selling your house, you’re adding a whole other layer to the equation. Not everyone knows the best practices when it comes to how to relocate to another state. 

When it comes to knowing the steps to move out of state, you’d ideally sell your house as you’re moving and then use that money to purchase your new house. However, so many things need to line up for that to happen, especially if you’re selling your house on the housing market while trying to move out of state. Not to mention, you’re probably stressed for time and haven’t had the opportunity to properly research the new place you’re moving to in order to find the right place for you. It’s not cut and dry as what you can afford in Houston might be different from what you can afford elsewhere. 

One way to avoid a lot of the hassle is to sell your Houston house as-is to Very Fast Home Buyers. If you’re moving out of state from Houston, we will buy your house for cash. Plus, we can work on your schedule, so if you need to sell your house as soon as possible, we can help make that happen. However, if you really want to consider selling on the housing market, here are some tips for moving out of state from Houston, Texas.

Tips When Moving Out Of State From Houston

Happy african american parents and kids playing in boxes moving out of Houston

Sort Your Move ASAP

One of the first steps to moving out of state is to begin the process of figuring out your move as soon as you can. The quicker you can pick a long-distance mover and commence packing, the better. If your out-of-state move needs to happen really fast, it’s worth it to spend the money on professional movers. If you pack, move, and ship by yourself, it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to move as fast as they can. Yes, this can be a very expensive part of the process but it’s also the place where spending money saves you a lot of headaches. 

Talk to multiple moving companies and treat those discussions as if you’re interviewing them for a job, which is essentially what you’re doing. Be sure to ask about liability coverage. What happens if they break your belongings or some of your things are damaged? They need to have concrete answers. And make sure you check their license with the U.S. Department of Transportation so you know you’re dealing with a legitimate company. 

Hire a Real Estate Representative

The big issue with selling your house with a real estate agent when moving out of state is that they’re going to a real estate commission fee from the sale. As for how much that will be, it usually ends up being five or six percent. That might not sound like a lot but it adds up no matter how much you sell your house for. 

Let’s say you sell your Houston house for $250,000. That means the real estate agent is going take somewhere between $12,500 and $15,000. That is a big chunk of change! Don’t forget that you might still have to pay off your mortgage and have other debts to satisfy with the sale of the house, so it might not leave you too much in profits afterward. You can always avoid these fees by selling your house directly to a cash buyer. We don’t involve real estate agents or other middlemen in our home buying process. 

Price It Right

If you’re moving out of state and trying to sell your Houston house fast on the housing market, pricing your house correctly is the most important decision you can make. Your real estate agent will provide a comparative market analysis that shows you what similar homes have listed at and eventually sold for. It also takes into account location, sales data, home size, and more in order to figure out what a solid starting price for your house should be. 

If you price your Houston house too high, you’re going to scare off potential buyers and it could end up sitting on the market for months on end. If you price your Houston house too low you’re going to make buyers wonder what’s wrong with it. You need to list the house in that ideal spot where you can find buyers fast, don’t have to deal with reductions, and get enough offers to start negotiations soon.

Clean Up

You need to sell your house fast so you can move out of state without having to worry about it. So you need to make sure buyers like what they see when they visit the first time. That’s why you need to consider doing a deep clean and declutter or possibly hiring professional cleaners to do it for you. No one is going to want to buy your house right away if there’s dust everywhere and the place looks like a mess. 

Along with cleaning, you also need to declutter. That means removing all of the items that take up space because they have sentimental value to you but don’t provide the buyer with any emotional investment. They’re not interested in seeing what the house looks like when you live here, they need to be able to see what the house looks like when they’ll live there. So you need to remove all the memorabilia and personalized items that will make that harder. Consumer Reports National Research Center even says that decluttering can boost your asking price by as much as five percent.

Bring in the Pros

If the name of the game is selling your house fast so you can move to another state, then you might want to be willing to spend a little extra money to make it easier. One way to do that is to hire professional cleaners. Especially if you hate cleaning, pros will be able to do a much better job than you can and they’ll help identify any problem areas you might not have considered. Think of all the rooms and spaces that need to be cleaned and whether or not a deep cleaning is necessary (probably, for making a market sale). Professional cleaners know how to make the place sparkle and it’s some peace of mind for you to focus on other things.

Happy african american parents and kids playing in boxes moving out of Houston

Sell Your House As-Is

Trying to sell your Houston house while moving out of state can be a real pain in the neck, especially if you’re selling on the open market. There are so many costs involved between cleaning, repairs, marketing, and paying real estate commissions, not to mention closing costs. 

Another alternative is selling your Houston house as-is to a cash buyer like Very Fast Home Buyers. We buy houses in situations like this all the time. We can buy your house fast and we pay cash for it. No need to worry about upfront costs, real estate commission fees, and waiting weeks on end to get the money for your home sale. 

Within days of contacting us, we’ll make you a fair offer. If you accept, you tell us when you want to close. And we’ll put cash in your hands for your Houston house ASAP, often within a few days. Contact us today to get your no-obligation offer!


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