How To Sell My House Fast For Cash In Houston: A Handbook

When it comes to putting distressed properties up for sale in Houston, it’s critical to understand the way the process works in order to save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and money. In theory, you’d just hire a real estate agent, list your house on the market, find a buyer right away, close the sale, and make even more money than you listed the property for. Sounds perfect, but we all know that selling a house on the open market doesn’t work like that. It’s very rare that you can sell a house fast and get everything you are hoping for. 

That said, you have options for sure when it comes to selling Texas distressed houses. When it comes to selling a house fast, you have a few options. If you want to sell your distressed house for cash, you can work directly with a cash buyer like Very Fast Home Buyers who will make you a fair offer very quickly and can close on the house within days. But if you’d rather test your luck on the market and see if you can find a buyer, you can do that a few ways as well. Let’s take a closer look at how to sell your distressed house fast in Houston and how you can get cash for it. 

Answers To: Sell My House Fast For Cash In Houston

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Price Your Home to Sell

If you decide that you want to sell your house fast on the open market, the easiest way to try to close quickly is by making the sale price as low as you can without it causing the buyer to question why. There’s so much competition out there on the housing market and buyers are always looking for the best value possible. If you’re willing to price your house below market value, you’re going to draw a lot of interest from potential deal-seekers who are willing to move quickly to buy your home. This also means that you’re going to have to be happy with a lower price and therefore lower profits than you might have initially been able to get if you priced the house higher. But if it’s about selling your house fast and you’re choosing to sell on the market, that’s the best way to make it happen.

It’s important to note that while you might price to sell on the market, that doesn’t mean the market will comply with you. Buyers are still going to have their own agendas and demands. There can still be a negotiation process that includes concessions, fees, hardball tactics, and more. Plus, assuming you’re using a real estate agent for this sale, they are going to take a commission fee for their work, which will cut into your profits even further and might make the entire process seem like it wasn’t worthwhile. 

Consider Your Curb Appeal

If you’re selling your house on the open market and want to sell it fast in Houston, you’re going to want to remember to focus on curb appeal and first impressions. Everyone usually focuses on how the interiors of their house look and put all their effort and money into improving or highlighting what’s inside. But it doesn’t matter if the outside of your property looks bad. That’s a recipe for disaster when trying to sell your house fast on the open market.

While many market buyers will discover your home listing online, there are still plenty of buyers who discover homes by driving past it and seeing a “for sale” sign. Plus, many of those online buyers will drive by in order to see how things look in real life. Bad curb appeal could cause those people to just keep driving for better-looking options while your house sits on the market for months on end. Even if all they’re doing is looking at photos online, they still will put a lot of stock in how the property looks from outside. It remains truly the best way to make a good first impression and that’s the name of the game when it comes to selling your house quickly. 

The key is to look at your property from their perspective and think about what would make them want to stop the car, get out, and take a look around? That could mean putting a fresh coat of paint on the fence, mowing the lawn more frequently, getting some landscaping done, or power-washing the side of the house. You should also make sure the garage or carport looks clean to show off the spaces inside. These might sound like little things but they add up, especially when your goal is to sell your house fast. 

Clean & Declutter the House

If you’re trying to sell your distressed house fast on the open market, you’re going to want to consider the way it looks. While there may be damage or disrepair, you can still make the house look nice. Not doing so just makes it easier for potential buyers to walk away in search of a nicer-looking house. 

So either you need to do a full clean yourself or hire a cleaning service to do a deep clean. Chances are they’ll do a better job but you’ll also have to pay for their services. Also, keep an eye out for potential clutter areas. Do you have a lot of furniture or busy walls full of artwork and photos? Consider putting some of that in storage in order to give the house a bit more air. It also allows market buyers to get a better sense of how the house might look if they lived here. 

Put the Fix In

You’re selling a distressed house and trying to sell it fast, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make some fixes to up the value if you’re selling on the housing market. You won’t have much luck selling your house fast if buyers are distracted by problems around the property. Figure out everything that could potentially be fixed, assess the cost of time needed, and then fix what you can. 

Things like cracks in walls or leaky faucets are easy enough to sort out. If you see any kind of mold or water damage, get an estimate from an expert. Look for any termite or rodent infestations as well. You can’t fix everything but the point is to cut down on all the reasons a market buyer might second-guess buying right now. It’s going to cost you more to make these upgrades but selling the house on the market requires it, especially if you want to sell fast. 

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Sell the House As-Is

If you want to sell your house fast for cash, you can see now why selling on the open market might not be the best solution. You have do so much and consider so many costs just to get your house market-ready. You likely have to hire a real estate agent which means you have to pay a commission on the sale price. You might not get a bite for months even if you do everything right, which means more costs to you. It’s very unlikely you’ll be able to sell as fast as you want and also unlikely you’ll find a market buyer willing to pay you in cash. 

So you may want to consider selling the home to a home buying company like Very Fast Home Buyers. We buy Houston houses like yours all the time and we pay cash for houses. We will buy your house as-is, which means you don’t have to do any of those aforementioned upgrades, repairs, or cleanings. It doesn’t matter the current condition of your house, we will buy it from you and we will give you cash. 

If you contact us today, we can make you an offer on your Texas house often within 24 hours. You’re under no obligation to accept it, but if you do, we can begin the closing process right away and you can often have cash in your hands within days. It’s so simple, so fast, and so easy. Avoid all the costs, commissions, and market buyers by selling your house fast for cash to us today!


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